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A microscopic cosmological model for lepton mass hierarchy

by Prof. Vo Van Thuan (Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM), Hanoi, Vietnam)

Friday, 3 March 2017 from to (Europe/Rome)
at Catania ( 1-1-Aula F - Aula F )
The lepton mass hierarchy and absolute masses of neutrinos are standing puzzles for particle physics. In searching for their solution, a microscopic cosmological model based on time-space symmetry is proposed, in particular, two time-like extra-dimensions are added in symmetry to 3D-space. Basically, a microscopic bi-cylindrical geometrical dynamics is applied for a direct link between general relativity and quantum mechanics [1]. Consequently, extending to higher dimensional curvatures of  time-like hyper-spherical surfaces than one of the cylindrical dynamical geometry, we found reasonable mass ratios of the charged leptons [2]. Indeed, with a set of two free parameters, a universal lepton energy factor 𝜖_0 and a microscopic time-like Lagrange radius 𝑇, we succeeded to calculate lepton masses (in MeV) as:  𝑚_𝑒:𝑚_𝜇:𝑚_𝜏 = 0.511:106.0:1748.4. Based on the original time-space symmetry, the model leads as well to a normal ordering of neutrino mass hierarchy. Spontaneous breaking of time-space symmetry makes a huge mass hierarchy between heavy-lepton and neutrino sectors, then using two corresponding parameters, neutrino energy factor 𝜖_𝜈  and a microscopic space-like Lagrange radius 𝑋_𝜈, allows to predict further their absolute masses in consistency with neutrino oscillation data, namely (in eV): 𝑚_3:𝑚_2:𝑚_1 = 4.96∗10^{−2}:8.66∗10^{−3}:1.20∗10^{−4}, which are essential for evolution theories of the Universe. For experimental verification of the proposed model, it needs to improve the precision of experimental oscillation squared mass differences by roughly an order to confirm the neutrino mass hierarchy ordering and then to prove the prediction of absolute neutrino masses.  
[1] Vo Van Thuan, Com.Phys. 26(2016)181; arXiv:1604.05164v2[physics.gen-ph] 2016.
[2] Vo Van Thuan, arXiv:1510.04126 [physics.gen-ph] 2015.
(*) Vo Van Thuan, Expectation of lepton hierarchy and absolute neutrino masses in a microscopic cosmological model. In Proceedings of the Rencontres de Moriond-Cosmology 2016, p. 245:; and presented at Hanoi International Workshop “Gravitation and the Universe” (Hanoi, Vietnam, 30 October – 1 November 2016).
Organised by Prof. Antonio Insolia