from 29 November 2010 to 9 December 2010
Valparaiso (Chile)
Europe/Rome timezone
CHAIN (Co-ordination and Harmonisation of Advanced e-INfrastructures:, GISELA (Sustainability of e-Infrastructures across the Mediterranean: and EPIKH (Exchange Programme to advance e-Infrastructure Know-How: announce the Grid School for Application Porting to be held in Valparaiso, Chile.

GISELA Support Information:

The Grid School aims at increasing the number of scientific/industrial applications running on the Latin American Grid Infrastructure (LGI) production infrastructure. The School also aims at bringing new research groups to use the LGI resources as well as to diversity the application domains and scientific communities.

Important deadlines:
  • Application submission: November, 5, 2010;
  • Notification of acceptance: November, 12, 2010;
  • Registration (only for accepted candidates): Between November, 12 and November, 26, 2010.

  • The school is mostly intended, but not restricted, for CHAIN, GISELA and EPIKH members.

    To fulfill the goal of this Grid School, the program, based both on lectures and hands-on practices, will cover in-depth the main topics of Grid technology as well as the gLite middleware technicalities.

    Good previous knowledge about Linux, for Linux applications, or Windows, for Windows applications, is mandatory, and knowledge about the gLite middleware is highly desirable. Candidates are strongly encouraged to take a look on the training materials available at: in order to gain confidence.

    To maximize the didactic impact and effectiveness, the number of applications to be ported will be limited to 8-10.

    All application candidatures must be submitted to the Selection Board of the School by a team of at most two persons before the 5th of November 2010. Each application team should fill the questionnaire available on the web at the URL describing the application they want to port on LGI. The Selection Board will rank both applications and persons. At most one application per team will be selected.

    Accepted candidates will be notified by the 12th of November 2010 and invited to fill the registration form to participate in the school. The form will be made available in this web page.

    GISELA accepted candidates will be financed by the project and have to commit to their participation in the whole event, includind the final EPIKH Workshop foreseen to be held on the 10th of December 2010.

    Invitation Letter
    If you need an invitation letter, please contact Such a letter is generally requested to get a visa.

    Please check with the appropriate consulate/embassy whether or not a visa is necessary to get in the country of the event.
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    Ends 9 Dec 2010 22:00
    Valparaiso (Chile)