26-27 November 2010
Mexico City (Mexico)
Europe/Rome timezone
GISELA (Grid Initiatives for e-Science virtual communities in Europe and Latin America: http://www.gisela-grid.eu/) and EPIKH (Exchange Programme to advance e-Infrastructure Know-How: http://www.epikh.eu/) announce the workshop to be held in Mexico City, Mexico.

The scope of the event is to show both to the scientific community and to the decision makers the outcomes of the Joint GISELA/EPIKH School for Grid Site Admnistrators and of the Joint GISELA/EPIKH School for Application Porting raising their awareness about the usefulness of e-Infrastructures for e-Science and the importance of their sustainability.

Invitation Letter
If you need an invitation letter, please contact segreteria@consorzio-cometa.it. Such a letter is generally requested to get a visa.

Please check with the appropriate consulate/embassy whether or not a visa is necessary to get in the country of the event.
Starts 26 Nov 2010 15:45
Ends 27 Nov 2010 01:30
Mexico City (Mexico)