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28-29 March 2008
Education Centre Hewlett-Packard South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Europe/Rome timezone
Grid Computing has, over the past few years, matured sufficiently to make it a viable solution for real-world problems. However, there are many different toolkits today that allow to build a Grid environment. The European Union project EGEE aims at a consolidation of existing efforts and will assist in the deployment of the resulting next generation Grid middleware (gLite) by offering support and training to new users, both in academia and industry.
This tutorial gives you an overview of what the Grid is, the architecture of the gLite middleware, an introduction to job submission, data management and grid workflows. An overview about the concept of Virtual Organisations (VO) and the Virtual Organisation Management System (VOMS). Also a practical use of gLite on the GILDA testbed with examples makes part of the tutorial.
Starts 28 Mar 2008 09:00
Ends 29 Mar 2008 13:00
Education Centre Hewlett-Packard South Africa (Pty) Ltd
12 Autumn Street Rivonia 2128 Gauteng R.South Africa