20 April 2012
Catania (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone
The INDICATE Technical Conference is going to take place after 20 months of project activities, to present the intermediate project results to an international audience.
The aim of the conference is to trigger a discussion about the sustainability of these results, in the frame of a longer vision where INDICATE aims to contribute to the creation of an open science infrastructure dedicated to the digital cultural heritage sector.
INDICATE is part of a larger initiative where the Cultural Heritage domain is engaged with the e-Infrastructure providers in an exciting confrontation, experimentation and planning of joint activities.
The sister project of INDICATE is DC-NET ERA-NET project, just concluded in March 2012, where the Ministries of Culture and the National Agencies of more than 10 Member States from all over the European Union developed a Joint Activities Plan devoted to creation of a federated e-infrastructure for the digital cultural heritage, based on the re-use of the existing facilities offered by the National Research and Educational Network, the National and European Grid Initiatives as well the national regional and thematic portals established by the cultural institutions in the last years.
Within INDICATE, the priority services identified by DC-NET are investigated from a practical point of view, through use case studies and pilots, within a genuine international domain, with a partnership composed by EU institutions together with Jordan, Egypt and Turkey institutions, plus a wide cooperation with the Far East and the Latin America.
A rich program of workshops and surveys was conducted by INDICATE to discuss about digital preservation, virtual exhibitions and GIS applied to the digital cultural resources. The results of this work plus concrete pilot demonstrations will be delivered at the conference.
The program of the Technical Conference will start with a first session devoted to position the INDICATE project within the political and strategic framework. It will continue with two more sessions which will illustrate the use case studies and pilots developed by the project as well as the result of the cooperation with complementary initiatives, such as EUMEDGRID-Support and CHAIN, which established factual exchanges with the INDICATE partners.
Starts 20 Apr 2012 09:00
Ends 20 Apr 2012 20:40
Catania (Italy)
  • Caffo, Rossella