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22 February 2013
Europe/Rome timezone
The DECIDE User Forum is a one-day interactive event which brings together DECIDE early adopters and newly trained users, in order to discuss the exploitation of DECIDE applications in real patients' cases.

It will be held on 22 February 2013, at GARR headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The event is intended as an opportunity to run real patients' data on the DECIDE platform and discuss the results with our experts, as well as with other colleagues. We believe that by discussing case histories, users can gain a better understanding of the service, while the project can collect valuable feedback to further improve the tools it offers and fit them to the real needs of clinical and research users.

In order to actively participate in the interactive sessions, participants are warmly invited to bring with them their patients' case histories.
For those who have not yet been trained, or wish to learn more on the other applications, a DECIDE applications training is available on 21 February. Training sessions will take place in the CASPUR training room and auditorium, which are adjacent to GARR.

Remote participation is available through the DECIDE e-learning platform. Interested participants can connect to the virtual room:
and log in as "guest" using their Name, Surname and Organization/Company.

Please note that, also in this case, you are kindly requested to register here, specifying that you're participating remotely.

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DECIDE (Diagnostic Enhancement of Confidence by an International Distributed Environment) is a FP7-funded project aiming at implementing a e-Infrastructure and e-Service for the automatic extraction of disease markers for the Alzheimer's Disease from RMI and PET/SPECT images and EEG traces, to be used by researchers and clinicians. In the project, we have built up a GRID infrastructure enabling the upload of individual structural MRI, resting state FDG-PET, and resting state EEG datasets for an automatic extraction of structural MRI, FDG-PET and candidate EEG markers of Alzheimer’s disease for diagnostic and research purposes. The DECIDE service provides a statistical diagnostic report for any modality (structural MRI, FDG-PET and candidate EEG markers). Further information on the project is available at: