15 May 2013
Adobe Connect Virtual Room (http://connect.ct.infn.it/sciencegateway)
Europe/Rome timezone
The general architecture of the Catania Science Gateway Framework and some of its implementations are the subjects ot this webinar which is jointly organised and supported by CHAIN-REDS, eI4Africa and EGI-InSpire projects.

Webinar recording is available at 
- http://connect.ct.infn.it/p6b7rdr32sg/

If you are available to attend more technical webinars, fill the doodle:
- http://doodle.com/2khyhb383i65bruc

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Starts 15 May 2013 16:00
Ends 15 May 2013 18:00
Adobe Connect Virtual Room (http://connect.ct.infn.it/sciencegateway)
  • Barbera, Roberto
  • Scardaci, Diego