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9-30 July 2013
Adobe Connect Virtual Room:
Etc/GMT timezone
In order to profit most from the course, the following prior knowledge is required:
- Java programming;
- Web application development (HTML, Java server pages, XML, Application Server, servlets);
- Basic Unix shell (VPN, SSH, bash scripting);
- Basic Database management (in particular MySQL).

Being a web-based course, no hardware is provided by organisers.
Participants shoud have at their disposal for the whole duration of the course a real/virtual machine with either Mac OS X or Linux installed and at least 2 GB of RAM. CentOS is the recommended Linux distribution.

All software needed to integrate applications in a Catania Science Gateway will be provided by organisers except the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) since participants can already be used to different IDEs. 
Our recommended choice is however NetBeans. In order to create Liferay plugins you can use the Plugin Portal Pack extension of NetBeans or configure the plugin to use the Liferay SDK.