organised under the aegis of the European Commission
in cooperation with EUMEDCONNECT3
and in co-location with e-AGE 2013

The CHAIN-REDS Project organised a workshop on "e-Infrastructures for Education, Research and Development", presenting project outcomes and focusing on initiatives and developments in the Arab region. The event was organised under the aegis of the European Commission, in association with EUMEDCONNECT3, and in co-location with the e-AGE 2013 conference "Connect, Access, Innovate", held in Tunis, Tunisia on December 12-13, 2013.

Organised by ASREN with the support of Sigma Orionis and all project partners, this workshop aimed at:
  • Presenting CHAIN-REDS project outcomes to date
  • Exploring existing e-Infrastructure initiatives relevant for the Arab region
  • Offering an overview of the current status of e-Infrastructures in ASREN countries.

The event involved around 40 participants from the Arab region and Europe, and provided a forum for discussions and debates on recent developments and perspectives in the field.

The following points emerged as concluding remarks:
  • It is very impressive to see how much cooperation and collaboration can be put into work across the world, and in particular the growing number of NRENs and activities in the Arab Countries.
  • The rapidly changing scenarios in technology and social activities have to be matched by an evolving Research and Education system based on powerful and fast evolving e-Infrastructures.
  • The evolution, however, has to take into consideration the use of standards and interoperable solutions in order to be inclusive, allow international collaboration, and be reasonably long term sustainable.
Below you can find the final agenda including presentations, while a selection of pictures from the event is available here.
Speakers' short bios and abstracts of presentations can be downloaded here.
Starts 11 Dec 2013 08:00
Ends 11 Dec 2013 18:00
Tunis, Tunisia